What we Do

WattJet has a triple mission: 

To extend the use of renewables to projects of all sizes. 

To facilitate users access to cheaper electricity at a predictable cost, avoiding the burden of investment or diverting resources from their core business. 

To provide investors with an investment instrument of predictable and guaranteed profitability, with returns similar to those of variable income, but without incurring the risks that these entail. 

Identify targets for investment projects with consistent energy consumption and complete a first assessment of the site and environment and determine operational feasibility.
Determination of all technical aspects, perform investment modeling, complete risk assessment of the project, establish suitable capital structure and collateral systems.
Complete the project and define the terms of the PPA, SLA, and user management agreements; determine cash flows, close financing and guarantees.
WattJet Development Projects
Conrado del Campo, 21 Ptl 5-5F
29620 -El Pinillo
(Màlaga) Spain

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